Spotify Starts Selling Concert Tickets Directly

Spotify, which previously directed fans to different platforms to sell event tickets, is now starting to sell tickets directly itself.

Spotify, the online music application that significantly changes music listening habits, is preparing to offer a new feature to its users. The company so far Ticketmaster and Eventbrite It will also carry out the ticket sales process it carries out through its partners.

While the upcoming concerts are listed on Spotify’s new website, those who wish will be able to buy tickets to these events directly with their credit or debit card. On the other hand, to buy a ticket Have a Spotify account will be required.

Tickets will now be on Spotify

Up to the present Spotify There is no official statement made by On the other hand, even if the site has not been officially introduced yet, it is currently possible to book tickets from the site. Moreover, this feature open to all in position.

When we enter the site, we are on the main page. a list of events that will take place welcomes. Under the My Events tab, users can see events they have attended in the past and for which they have purchased tickets to attend in the future. Among the artists currently listed are Limbeck, Crow, Annie DiRusso, Four Years Strong and TOKiMONSTA. On the other hand, currently only in the USA The fact that the activities to be done are listed shows that we may be in a kind of testing process.

Spotify regularly on new products and ideas working and laying out new ways to improve user experiences. It’s hardly surprising that some of these avenues also lead to broader user experiences. Previously, radical changes were made in the platform’s live events finding feature, making it easier for users to find events and buy tickets. Let’s see when this feature will be available for concerts in our country?


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