Spotify Is Working On A TikTok-Like Feature

Spotify is preparing to offer a new feature to its users. According to this feature, users will be presented with vertical music videos that can be scrolled upwards in the explore section on the mobile application.

Since its release in 2016, it has been subjected to many negative comments and criticisms. TikTokAs it is known, it is not a social media application that is taken very seriously. Even so, platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, known as the social media giant, are more than TikTok’s video style.from being inspired“She doesn’t hold back.

Finally, they have developed a partnership with Netflix and announced a new feature called Netflix Hub, where they will broadcast music and podcasts related to Netflix content. Spotifyis now on the agenda with the new discover section inspired by TikTok. Product designer Chris Messina also posted on Twitter: new feature shared showing.

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