Spotify caught the layoff trend: Hundreds of people will be fired!

For several months, companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Google’s parent company Alphabet have also been on the agenda with layoffs. The world’s most popular music and podcast listening platform Spotify was also involved in the wave of layoffs. The company had to take this step due to its economic downturn. Here are the details!

Spotify to lay off 600 people

Technology companies have increased the number of employees with the pandemic period. However, with the decline in advertising revenues and economic recession, they reduced the number of employees. Amazon, Microsoft, Meta and Alphabet Spotify was the last name to join big technology companies such as.

In general, it is not clear how many people will be laid off. However, the emerging news 600 people indicates that he will be fired for sure. This is the workforce at Spotify. 6 percent welcomes. According to the data, approximately 9,800 employees is located.

Spotify's most listened rapper has been blocked!

Spotify’s most listened rapper has been blocked!

Has Uzi’s El Chavo album been removed from Spotify? The most streamed album of 2022 is having trouble accessing Spotify.

co-founder and chief executive of Spotify Daniel Ekshared a post on the company blog. In the article, “Looking back, I was too ambitious to invest ahead of our revenue growth.” used the phrases. He also stated that despite the progress he has made with the employees in recent years, they cannot focus on increasing productivity as before.

Meta and Microsoft outside of Spotify 11 thousand people, Netflix 450 people he was fired. Amazon, on the other hand, due to uncertain economic and rapid hiring. More than 18 thousand people He said he plans to lay off. It seems that there will be no end to these layoffs made by companies.

Spotify caught in the current of layoffs Hundreds of people will be fired!

It followed the layoffs in the tech field, according to data from one site. However, from the beginning of 2022 More than 190 thousand employees his job was terminated. The most important reason for this is the aim of companies to reduce costs, low advertising revenue and high inflation.

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