Spotify brings together Netflix’s series and movie soundtracks!

Netflix is ​​a big part of our viewing pleasure with its wide array of TV shows and movies. Sometimes, you may have finished a season at once on the platform where we spent hours in one sitting. One of the things that makes the content on Netflix watchable and makes us love them even more is their music. If the soundtracks of the TV series and movies make an impression on you, Spotify brings together the soundtracks of the Netflix series. Netflix Hub You will visit the page frequently.

A lot of thought is given to the series albums, also known as soundtracks, especially in the content produced by Netflix itself. If you want to easily access the music of the TV shows you watch on Netflix, you can use Spotify. On the Netflix Hub page You will find what you are looking for without much hassle.

Squid Game has lost its throne: Here is the series that took its place!

The hit Netflix series Squid Game has lost its top spot. A newly released production broke the record for a Korean drama.

Netflix Hub has already brought many albums to Spotify

Netflix for years already It publishes the music of its content on various digital platforms. Because the published music also provides additional income to the project and pleases the fan base. The new partnership between Netflix and Spotify ‘tidy‘ making it one. In the Netflix Hub category added to Netflix’s applications on all platforms to the music of many serials you can reach. You can find Netflix from the search tab in the app or click here to see the feature.

netflix hub

Stranger Things, La Casa De Papel, Narcos: Mexico, Outer Banks, Squid Game, tick, tick…Boom! Content like Bridgerton, Cowboy Bebop, Virgin River and On My Block are looking for space. Spotify also promised its users that the number of content will increase in the future.

One of the important details of this feature is that it is not an advertisement work. Netflix’s audio content has already been available on Spotify for years. So much so that Netflix’s Spotify profile To 250,000 followers reached and this account was working regularly on playlists. With the Netflix Hub, things have become even more streamlined and fans will be able to access content more quickly. to feature both free and premium users can access.

netflix hub

Even though it is not in Turkish, there are also podcast content on Netflix Hub. The number of these contents is not much compared to the music. However, in the coming months, we can witness the enrichment of these contents and even their being in Turkish.

Did you find Spotify’s new feature useful?

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