Spotify Announces Mass Layoffs

Spotify has decided to part ways with 600 people. This figure corresponds to 6 percent of Spotify’s entire workforce. Considering the situation in other technology giants, the development is not surprising.

Spotify, one of the world’s most popular online music and podcast platforms, 600 employees It was announced that he would part ways with Although Bloomberg says it is not clear how many people will be laid off, 600 people will be laid off, according to reports in Reuters.

According to official data, Spotify around 9,800 has employees. Incoming news, the company’s employees from 6 percent shows that a little more will be laid off. The reason for the layoffs is the stable economic outlook. Spotify, to reduce costs has taken such a decision.

In the world of technology, there is almost no brand that does not make layoffs.

The statements from the Spotify front not surprised we can say. Because with Spotify, it is possible to say that there is not even a technology company that does not make mass layoffs as we enter 2023. In a news we shared with you a few days ago, Google’s roof company Alphabet‘s will lay off 12,000 employees we transferred.


Amazon, which has laid off thousands of its employees, has now decided to terminate its donation program AmazonSmile

It’s not just Alphabet. Microsoft and Meta 11 thousand people, Amazon 18 thousand people, snaps 1.200 people, Netflix It laid off 450 people. But mass layoffs are not just that. Many more companies are laying off in order to cut costs and they are doing it easily. there will be no end looks like.

For all technology companies making mass layoffs as of early 2023:


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