Spot Volume Exceeds $2.5 Trillion in August -CryptoCompare

According to CryptoCompare data, the total trading volume of crypto exchanges in August increased compared to the previous month and exceeded $ 2.5 trillion.

  • Announcing that a monthly spot volume of approximately $1.9 trillion was seen throughout July, CryptoCompare announced that this number increased to approximately $2.6 trillion in August.

  • At the top, Binance’s monthly spot volume grew 65.2% in a month to $751 billion, followed by OKEx with $177.8 billion and Huobi with $166 billion.

  • Derivatives volume in August increased by 37.8% compared to the previous month and reached 3.4 trillion dollars.

  • Binance alone represented more than 55% of the market with a derivatives volume of $1.9 trillion. It was followed by OKEx with $488 billion, Bybit with $389 billion, and FTX with $311 billion.

  • USDT, US dollar, Japanese yen, euro, Korean won, USDC, British pound and Turkish lira were the most used parities by bitcoin investors trading with fiat/stablecoin in spot markets, respectively.

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