Sports Wear Store Barçın Allegedly Hacked

It was claimed that Barçın, one of the successful names of Turkey in the sportswear industry, was hacked. In a post on a hacker forum, users’ allegedly captured information was seen.

A data leak claim has been made about Barçın, one of Turkey’s popular sportswear stores. According to the post on a hacker forum, users who are members of Barçın personal information captured. It was seen that the information was for sale on the forum.

The number of users whose personal information was sold in the said post. 187 thousand 925 was stated. The sample information of some users from the user database allegedly leaked in the share was also included. According to the information in the sharing, the user information captured was as follows:

Data allegedly seized:

  • Barçın customer IDs of users
  • Name surname
  • E-mail address
  • Gender
  • Phone number
  • The date he became a member of Barçın

up-to-dateness of information without any proof There has been no statement from Barçın regarding the alleged data leak so far.


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