Spiderman, Jedi, Wolverine: Playstation brings the best of yesterday! – Game news

Sony’s Playstation Showcase was supposed to show what the future holds for game console fans. But most of all it was a look in the rearview mirror. Many of the titles shown are remakes of older game hits or the next parts of successful series. It shouldn’t have bothered the fans – because the titles shown make everyone want long winter evenings, bad weather and a lot of time in front of the Playstation. BILD shows the highlights.

“God of War: Ragnarok”

God Kratos and his son are on their way further north. For the first time, Sony showed game scenes from the furious action cracker, in which Kratos fights his way through the characters of Nordic mythology. A festival that is unlikely to start before Christmas 2022.

“Grand Theft Auto 5”

Unfortunately no typing error. Sony actually only demonstrated the Playstation 5 update from GTA. Fans can continue to wait for Part 6 – and as long as the game earns billions in online fashion for developer Rockstar, that won’t change too much.

“Spiderman 2”

After the first part and a technically very similar second game, Insomniac’s third Spider Man title is of course called “Spiderman 2”. This little fuzziness shouldn’t hurt the fun, as there are two Spiderman men and even the incorrigible Venom in the game. The only downer: the planned start is not until 2023.

“Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection”

And another update for the Playstation 5: The last parts of the wonderful “Uncharted” series get a 4K upgrade. Good news for all non-Playstation owners: The games are also coming to the PC!

“Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”

And here the holy grail among the remakes: The Star Wars role-playing game with a lot of Jedi knights, a lot of mysticism and a lot of waiting until the remake of the classic from 2003 finally comes in 2022.


But there were also some news: “Forspoken” looks like a mixture of Lara Croft and Harry Potter. Could be great, or very stupid. In spring 2022 we will all be smarter – and then disappointed or happy.


All just videos with game scenes? The next trailer doesn’t even show that, but just a nice, rendered scene, as you already know from one or the other X-Men film. For gamers and superhero fans this is obviously a reason to be happy – especially since developer Insomniac has proven with “Spiderman” that superhero games can work.