Special Working Group Established for Cryptocurrency Tax in India -Inc42

According to a local news source in India, the Ministry of Finance has set up a special group to study the scope of the tax regime to be introduced in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Working group, profits from cryptocurrency trading how it can be taxed will review about it.

  • According to the news first reported by Inc42, the Ministry of Finance in four weeks A report will be submitted.

  • According to the report of the Economic Times, the Indian government is using cryptocurrencies. in asset/commodity status plans to meet.

  • The crypto money bill, which the parliament did not put on the agenda during the monsoon period, is expected to be discussed in the winter period.

  • According to research by Chainalysis, in terms of the level of adoption of cryptocurrencies in the world second place In India, according to illegitimate data more than 15 million crypto investor.

Image: Indian flag (Ashwin Kumar/Flickr, licensed, image modified by Koin Bulletin)

A Special Working Group Has Been Established for Cryptocurrency Tax in India -Inc42, the article was prepared by Ömer SAKMAR and published on koinbulteni.com.

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