Special SSD Introduced For Those Who Want The Best Quality Sound

An independent developer has designed an audio-only SSD. Optimizing a 1TB capacity NVMe SSD, the developer said that he designed the product for audiophiles. It is not clear whether the developed SSD will go on sale.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important innovations that computer technologies have brought to our lives. SSD‘s happened. Thanks to these products, which significantly improve the loading speed of the computer and also increase the system efficiency, the computers we have almost leapt into an era. Now SSDs, until now maybe we’ve never seen appeared in an industry.

Talking about designing a product on an internet forum called Audiophile Style, “darkforceA user named ” showed a special SSD optimized for audio technologies only. Designed for audiophiles, this SSD improves the sound quality with the special processes applied. unseen rise to the level provides. According to darkforce, the specially optimized SSD gives a dynamic sound that no other SSD on the market can deliver. darkforce, using this product Even an ordinary consumer He states that he can detect the difference.

Here is the SSD optimized for sound quality

darkforce did not give any name to the specially designed SSD it designed. However, the photos of the SSD offer us some important information. For example, in this SSD with a capacity of 1 TB audionote There are special capacitors designed by the music technology company named. Copper insulation, gold-plated connectors and external use of the SSD 5 volt power input, a clear indication that the dev team did not design an ordinary SSD. According to darkforce, the mod named pSLC with a capacity of 333 GB ensures that this SSD works in accordance with its purpose.


of the SSD shared on the Audiophile Style forum price information not disclosed. Already, darkforce states that this product is currently in the testing phase. Moreover, some lucky users have had the opportunity to test this special SSD. When we look at the posts in the forum, it is seen that many people do not like this product. that you are affected Although we see the performance of the SSD, it is not possible to say anything about it without hearing about it.

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