SPD, Greens and FDP present their coalition agreement

the Traffic light coalition According to a media report, the SPD, Greens and FDP are planning to Revise the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 from an ecological point of view and with the participation of environmental associations. Projects that are superfluous or that are particularly harmful from an environmental point of view could then be canceled, reports the editorial network Germany (RND / Wednesday), citing negotiating groups. According to the report, this agreement goes back to the Greens, who would then provide the Federal Transport Minister.

The Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan 2030 was adopted by the cabinet in 2016 and sets the course for transport policy for the next 10 to 15 years in road construction, in maintaining or building new railway lines and waterways. The plan comprises around 270 billion euros, two thirds of which will go into the renovation and almost one third into the new building. Recently, the Greens have repeatedly emphasized that they regard climate protection as a cross-cutting task for all departments. In doing so, they are focusing primarily on the transport sector, because here CO2 emissions do not decrease, but increase.

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