Spahn comments on upper order limits – Biontech is checking additional deliveries to Germany

The Acting Minister of Health Jens Spahn has again defended the heavily criticized upper order limits for corona vaccines from Biontech. “I can’t withdraw it because it’s simply a question of the amount available,” said the CDU politician on Sunday evening on the ZDF program “Berlin direkt”. “We’re not holding anything back. I can’t deliver a vaccine from Biontech that isn’t there.

The demand has risen insanely in the past two weeks, “we will be delivering six million Biontech cans from tomorrow alone,” explained Spahn. Due to this massive demand, “our Biontech warehouse is currently running empty”. “And it is simply the case that at the moment (…) – that is, from the week after next, when the big delivery was now – I don’t have more than two to three million vaccine doses of Biontech available.” He admitted: “We had we have to communicate more clearly. “

But there is a good, just as effective alternative with the vaccine from Moderna. “Well, the key message is: there is enough vaccine,” stressed Spahn.

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