SpaceX will perform its delayed flight tomorrow!

It was recently announced that the famous space technology company SpaceX is planning a cargo mission. The space mission, which constantly faces delays for various reasons, can finally be carried out tomorrow after the last postponement. Monday, June 5 The departure will take place on the day of, Türkiye time. 18.45 It will be streamed live. Here are the details

SpaceX rocket launching tomorrow

As it is known, SpaceX undertakes the cargo duties of the international space station affiliated to NASA. With the cargo flight to be carried out tomorrow, the program twenty eighth SpaceX, which will ensure the successful delivery of Falcon 9 will use his rocket. The launch, which will be carried out through NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, will be officially broadcast on SpaceX’s official YouTube channel.

As a matter of fact, throwing Saturday, June 3 was scheduled for the day. However, due to unfavorable weather conditions for the launch process and the need for additional time in the preparation process, a twenty-four hour delay decision was taken. It is thought that the company, which repeated the decision on Sunday, will probably not be able to make the flight it planned for tomorrow.

Going to space will be easier: SpaceX builds commercial space station

Going to space will be easier: SpaceX builds commercial space station

According to the information announced, SpaceX has started work on the world’s first commercial space station with Los Angeles-based Vast.

With the expedition to NASA’s international space station, Dragon The transfer of the capsule will be provided. The capsule, which has important contents such as new equipment to be used in space exploration, materials to meet the needs of the station, and basic supplies to be used by astronauts, will reach the station in a short time if SpaceX takeoff can take place.

If the launch fails to take place on Monday, June 5th as planned, it is likely 7 Wednesday, June will be scheduled for the day. We will be reporting the developments on the subject. So, what do you think about this task? Do you think the launch is only hindered by the weather conditions or is there a different reason? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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