SpaceX to Send NFT to Space in First Civil Space Mission

SpaceX is preparing to send NFTs to space with Inspiration4, the first civilian space mission to take place in the coming days. NFTs St. It will be auctioned for the benefit of Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

One of the most important missions in SpaceX history will take place next week. Announced last February, it is the first civilian space mission in SpaceX history. Inspiration4 4 people will go on a 3-day space journey with the Dragon capsule. During space travel, there will be no contact with the International Space Station, passengers will spend 3 days in orbit.

This exciting journey will be broadcast in almost real time as a Netflix documentary, and we will all have the chance to closely follow every detail of the journey. The documentary in question will be released on Netflix on September 15 under the title “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission To Space”. In addition, it was produced by different artists with the team that will be launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on the night of September 14. 51 NFT to be sent.

NFTs will be auctioned for donation:

51 NFT, including an unreleased performance by Grammy-winning rock band Kings of Leon, st. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for donation will be put up for sale at auction.


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One of the main goals of the flight is to raise a $200 million donation for the hospital. NFTs will be just one part of this donation effort. In addition, different items and artifacts will be on sale within the scope of the campaign. Among these items and artifacts, a ukulele to be played in space travel, a journal to be signed by the team It has interesting content. The data obtained will be used in the treatment and research studies of many diseases such as cancer in children.