SpaceX Signs A Deal To Delight Astronomers

SpaceX, which provides internet to the world with Starlink satellites, came to the fore when astronomers prevented them from observing the stars. The company owned by Musk announced that it will correct this situation by signing an agreement with the US National Space Organization.

SpaceX, the space research company of the famous billionaire Elon Musk, who has never been on the agenda with various news, aims to provide internet connection all over the world. The Starlink project has been criticized by astronomers for a long time.

Astronomers said that the stars could not be observed as they should be due to the brightness of the Starlink satellites. In 2019, Musk said that Starlink satellites will work to prevent astronomy discoveries. promised.

Musk kept his word and signed a new agreement on this issue

Under the agreement signed with the US National Space Foundation (NSF), SpaceX has promised to work in line with the recommendations of various organizations such as NSF’s NOIRLab. These recommendations match the optical brightness of SpaceX’s satellites with physical design changes. The 7th includes his ongoing work towards greater visual size or making it dimmer.

SpaceX also developed special measures for its second-generation satellite Starlink, and astronomical effect of facility lasers on their satellites. agreed to analyze.


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SpaceX and NSF’s NOIRLab are planning a workshop that will develop best practice guidance and recommend processes for interactions between satellite operators and the Laser Clearing House to reduce negative impacts on observatories. SpaceX, which has been and will be brought forward by the astronomy community promised to cooperate with NSF on new problems as well.

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