Space Lunch System rocket ready for first Moon mission

NASA has completed the preparations for the next generation Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. NASA, which completed the tests canceled in April as of today, Space Launch System with the first Moon mission will begin.

Space Lunch System ready for first Moon mission

Critical testing began in the morning on Launch Pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and ended approximately 12 hours later. For the first time, the propellant tanks of the SLS rocket are fully filled with fuel.

NASA announced: A black hole that swallows everything has been found!

Scientists have discovered a new black hole. In addition, scientists stated that the black hole discovery was the largest ever.

NASA announced in August that it would launch the SLS rocket and the Orion spacecraft. Examining the test data, the team is investigating whether the data obtained poses any problems for the launch event to be held in August.

Space Lunch System ready for first Moon mission

The first NASA report published shows that the test went well overall, although it was not without problems. The NASA team announced that they detected a hydrogen leak in a component on the mobile launcher during the fuel-loading operation. NASA announced that it tried, but failed, heating and cooling processes to realign the gaskets.

NASA will use the SLS rocket to power the Orion spacecraft, which it plans to launch in August 2022. The rocket to be launched into space for the Artemis I mission will be an uncrewed flight.

NASA will send a crew on the same flight route on the Artemis II mission. In a mission called Artemis III that will herald a new era in space exploration, it will place 2 people on the surface of the Moon.

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