South Korean Authorities Raid TerraForm Labs Co-founder’s FinTech Company

Gueny Korean authorities raided the headquarters of the FinTech company headed by Daniel Shin, the co-founder of Terraform Labs.

of Forkast 16 November Seoul Southern District Attorney’s Office, co-founder of TerraForm Labs Daniel Shin’s FinTech company he is the CEO of Raid on Chai Corporation’s headquarters organized. the raid Chai Corp. relationship between Terraform Labs and It was alleged that it was based on In addition, the company’s customers using personal information without permission among the allegations made by the prosecution.

Chai Corp spokesperson said on the subject, Daniel Shin’s to resolve this misunderstanding fully engaged with the authorities in the ongoing investigation. in cooperation stated it would.

Recently, Daniel Shin has joined the South Korean parliament. Terra (Luna) to testify about the collapse had given up. Shin, the reason for not testifying not affect the investigation before the collapse with Terraform Labs when declaring it as they parted ways and ties to CEO Do Kwon completely ripped off had claimed.

Shin was also recently spotted by the prosecution prior to issuance without notifying investors. LUNA holding the tokens that he later embezzled. 106 million dollars accused of selling

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