South Korea has not forgiven Google’s non-competitive stance

Making the final preparations for the draft law that will come into effect today, South Korea government fined Google for its non-competitive behavior.

With the commissions they cut in in-app purchases, to Apple and Google, An investigation was launched for hindering competition in South Korea.

Response to claims from Google that it shares user data

Criticized for allegedly sharing user data with various states of the world, Google responded to the rumors by issuing a statement.

South Korea: “Google takes a non-competitive stance on Android.”

Android, which covers more than 80 percent of smartphones worldwide, Korea Fair Trade Commission accused of unfair competition.

South Korea fines Google for non-competitive behavior

Korea Fair Trade Commission, He explained that manufacturers such as Samsung and LG are subject to imposition on the Android operating system with the agreements made. Google’s Android based Stating that it does not allow a new operating system, the board forbade the company from forcing it to sign a contract.

It has been decided to amend the existing contract. Joh Sung-wook, Chairman of the Korea Fair Trade Commission, “The decision by the Fair Trade Commission is not limited to mobile devices. There are also regulations regarding devices such as smart watches and Smart TVs. We think that innovative products will emerge if non-competitive behaviors are prevented.” used the phrases.

The commission that published a report on the subject, due to Google’s move Amazon and Alibaba He underlined that companies such as companies could not develop mobile operating systems.

to the company $177 million The officials stated that they had been fined and that they had arranged the draft law in a way that would enable competition.