Soon Only the ‘Lot of Money’ Will Get Renault

The global CEO of Renault, one of Turkey’s most popular automobile brands, has changed. This change will bring a major overhaul in the company. According to the information obtained, Renault will turn into a very different brand in the coming years than we know today.

Renault will now be managed by Fabrice Cambolive. Information about the Cambolive period reveals that Renault will undergo a very serious revision. If the targets are met, Renault will be far from achievable as we know it today. a premium brand It is said to become.

As it is known, Renault Daciatop of brand position. The change in Renault will also directly affect Dacia’s segmentation. Under Fabrice Cambolive, Renault will ensure that Dacia is not an ‘affordable car brand’ but a mainstream automaker like Renault today. in other words Dacia, Will replace Renault. Renault, on the other hand, will turn into a premium brand that produces high-end cars.

For models such as Clio, Taliant, Megane, it may be the end of the road.

Renault’s most preferred cars in Turkey Clio, Taliant and Megane. It should be noted that if the brand succeeds in realizing its future goals as we have described above, it is possible to reach the end of the road for these popular models. However, of course, it is highly possible that we will encounter new versions of these models under the Dacia brand.


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Renault’s performance-oriented models “RS” will also be history


Renault, known as the high-performance versions of the cars it launches.RSRenault’s performance-oriented brand Alpine will make productions that will replace RS models in the coming years. However, at this point, there is a certainty. no date.

So what will Renault produce? Who will he rival?

Renault 4ever Trophy

Renault, by 2030 plans to switch to fully electric cars. This is exactly where Renault will come. In the coming years, the company will continue to sell electric crossovers, SUVs and D segment sedans will appear with. So Renault will become a brand that launches premium electric cars, perhaps a ‘Tesla competitor’. In fact, the signals have already been given. We have readers who remember; The company launched the 4ever Trophy concept car a few months ago. had introduced.


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It’s not just the 4ever Trophy. Renault, the SUV version of the classic Megane Megane E-Tech will also be among the models Renault will focus on. Mainstream trends The brand, which is expected to follow closely, will probably become a company where anyone with money can find the most suitable model for themselves.

In summary;

According to the shared information, Renault plans to turn into a brand that positions itself in higher segments with its new CEO, who will take office as of February 1. Dacia will fill the space emptied by Renault in the A, B and C segments where sales are higher. This is in the future Dacia Clio, Dacia Megane may result in such models. Of course, the names can also change completely. However, we must underline that this change will not happen in a day, and that it is part of Renault’s aim to become a fully electric car brand by 2030. Let’s wait and see what happens…

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