Sony’s new PlayStation 5 patent will be discussed a lot!

Aside from the technical features of PlayStation 5, you can talk for hours just about the console’s design. Although the futuristic design of the console is not very pleasant for those who are used to PlayStation designs to date, generally liked. Especially for the PlayStation 5, which has a more alternative design compared to the Xbox Series X. new patentwill destroy the breadbasket of some.

Black Friday discounts have started on PS Store! Here are the highlights

PlayStation Store, the digital game purchase stop for PlayStation players, has released its Black Friday discounts.

PlayStation 5 covers are now in Sony’s patent

Alternative solutions for those who do not want to get used to the white color shortly after the PlayStation 5 was introduced started searching. Those who want to see the design they want on their consoles, not just obsessed with color produced by third party manufacturers turned to the covers. However, Sony was dissatisfied with this and sued the companies that produce covers for the PS5. This situation, which caused the crisis, seems to end now, because Sony now the patent owner of these caps.

Sony, with its patent application For the cover of the PlayStation 5 He also received another patent. This means that those who produce special designs for this cover will no longer be able to do this for commercial purposes. If it is done, Sony’s patent will be violated, so the lawsuits will be concluded in Sony’s favor.

To date, many companies have pursued the goal of making profit by producing specially designed covers for the PS5. Although we know that Sony will release special versions for PS5 in the coming years, third-party manufacturers were a good way for those who did not want to wait. Although the end of third-party manufacturers has come with this decision, Sony will soon make your own production we hope. Because the PlayStation 5 customize the look They have a large customer base.

The first step of customization was taken with DualSense

DualSense, the controller of PlayStation 5, has a color scheme that is compatible with the console itself. You may not be used to seeing white on the controller, since all PlayStations except PlayStation One come in black. Fortunately, Sony acted quickly with customizable covers and in different color options DualSenses had been released.


Although we waited for months for this option to come, at least an option was presented. But you can’t choose these controllers when you buy the console. You can choose a color when buying the second or next DualSense. currently only black and red Although there are color options available, we expect new options to come in the coming months.

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