Sony secretly changes console: the PS5 is now 300 grams lighter – game news

Around nine months after the launch of the Sony PS5 console, many gamers are still waiting for a chance to get hold of the coveted console. But now Sony is already starting to make changes to the device itself.

The technical data of a new PS5 version of the digital edition, i.e. the model without a drive, has now appeared on the Japanese Sony website. While the first version of the PS5 has the model number CFI-1000B, the new version runs under the number CFI-1100B01.

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According to a data sheet, Sony has made two changes to the new model range:

▶ ︎ The new PS5 version is 300 grams lighter. While the launch model of the PS5 Digital Edition weighed in at 3.9 kilograms, the revised version weighed in at 3.6 kilograms. However, the data sheet does not reveal where Sony has saved the weight. It is therefore not yet possible to say whether this is an improvement or even cost savings in production.

▶ ︎ The screw in the base of the PS5 has been changed. While you still needed a coin to tighten it on the old model, the screw on the new model can now be tightened without tools.

It is not yet known when the revised version of the console will be available in Germany. The previous model of the PS5 is currently difficult to get in this country, as new contingents are still sold out within minutes.