Sony Moved 92% of Camera Production to Thailand!

It was reported that Sony moved a significant part of its camera production, such as 92 percent, from China to Thailand. According to sources, there are two main reasons for this decision.

about 24 hours ago Claims to withdraw from Turkey Japan-based technology giant that came to the fore with SonyAnother remarkable move came from . According to the news of Japan-based Nikkei, Sony has announced that its camera manufacturing facilities in China 90 percent more than transferred to Thailand.

According to the information obtained, Sony has decided to take the next step. only cameras it will sell in China It will produce in China. All the cameras that will be sent to other countries’ markets will be produced in Thailand. However, it is reported that the production of lenses that are important for cameras will continue to be made in China. Why was such a decision made when all the camera equipment was shifted to Thailand? it is not clear.

So why is Sony moving away from China?

According to the information in Nikkei, Sony’s departure from China and settling in Thailand There are two main reasons. The first is the restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in China. This is causing disruption to supply chains and by 2022 it will be around 2.1 million units Sony, which sells cameras, does not seem to want to be affected by this situation.

The second reason Sony wants to move away from China is actually difficulty. As it is known, there is an ongoing trade war between China and the USA. Sony doesn’t seem to want to be subject to political pressure. Because otherwise, the events that happened to Huawei could also happen to Sony, and the company, she doesn’t want this looks like.

Sony is not the first brand to give up on China, nor will it be the last!

USA vs.  Chinese

Sony’s decision to migrate from China is not a first for the tech world. In the past, mainly Apple, Google and semiconductor giant TSMC also came from China. trying to get away. In this context; Apple to Taiwan, TSMC in the USA, Google in Vietnam It is already known that he opened a production facility. Although companies mostly use COVID-19 as an excuse in their statements on the subject, the reality is the trade war between the USA and China. It is not known when and how this war will end, but it is a fact. from political pressure All technology companies that want to stay away will somehow go away from China…

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