Sony is preparing to bring PlayStation 5 to Honda vehicles

Sony and Honda announced that they signed a joint venture agreement in March 2022, and the companies announced that they had signed a joint venture agreement in September. Sony Honda Mobility Inc. merged under the name Sony Honda Mobility initiative is preparing to breathe new life into the automobile world. The startup, which is preparing to turn the newly produced electric Honda vehicles into an entertainment center, plans to produce vehicles that prioritize entertainment such as music, movies and PlayStation 5.

Honda vehicle with PlayStation 5 integrated is expected to be released in 2026

Izumi Kawanishi, head of robotics at Sony and co-head of Sony Honda Mobility, said that integrating the PlayStation 5 into cars technologically Said it was possible. Sony doesn’t want to just inject games into a car like Tesla. Yasuhide Mizuno, senior manager of Honda Motor, said:We will develop a tool that is equipped to appeal to the audience we want to serve.. Which vehicle currently has Gran Turismo (Racing simulator)” said.

According to Izumi Kawanishi, this venture has technologies that can give Tesla an edge in electric vehicle competition. The initiative is the result of the merging of content, service and entertainment with technology. Kawanishi stated that they will prioritize the joint venture’s first car model to launch in North America by 2026.

However, Sony and Honda Mobility have one piece of the puzzle to solve, and that’s the real “mobility” part. The company plans to make the vehicle fully autonomous for the driver to watch and play on entertainment systems while traveling

Date given for Sony Honda Mobility's electric cars!

Date given for Sony Honda Mobility’s electric cars!

The plans of Sony Honda Mobility, founded by Sony and Honda for the production of electric cars, are becoming clear.

Kawanishi, who admitted that the development of this tool will take time, said, “To enjoy the space inside your vehicle, you must make it a non-driving space. The solution is autonomous driving” said.

There are other companies in the market that are launching similar technology. Google and Apple have released Android Auto and CarPlay respectively. In addition, Tesla’s tablet-style dashboard also allows customers to browse the web and access game streaming services. Finally, BMW is adding casual games to its vehicles starting next year in collaboration with AirConsole.

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