Sony is facing sexual discrimination charges!

In recent years Rockstar Games and Activision Blizzard Many companies, such as . Sued companies in the gaming industry, famous Japanese company Sony PlayStation including…

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 patent will be discussed a lot!

A controversial patent has been obtained by Sony for the PlayStation 5, which has turned one year old in the past weeks.

Sony front faces serious accusations

Security analyst working in the Information Technologies department of Sony PlayStation Emma Majois about to file a gender discrimination lawsuit against the company.

According to the news from Bloomberg, Majo accuses the company of tolerating discriminatory attitudes towards women and employees who identify as women. Former Sony employee, coming soon to the company material and moral compensation will sue.

Sony chip manufacturing

The accusations of the former PlayStation employee are not limited to this. Majo said Sony did not promote female and self-identified employees, and in a male-dominated work environment He claims to have forced him to do business. However, Majo said that many employees at Sony PlayStation ignored by managers and claimed that the employment relationship of the employees who complained about discrimination was immediately terminated.

The case file has another very interesting claim: Former Sony employee, in the e-mail stating that he was fired, said that Sony’s shut down a particular department completely and he claims he was fired because of it, yet he says he was never even a part of that department.

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing The case file prepared by the company will be seen in the coming days. PlayStation officials reached by IGN have not yet expressed an opinion on the case.

So what do you think about these claims? Do you think this situation will cause a similar earthquake on the Activision Blizzard front? Do not forget to share your views with us in the comments section.

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