Some users are having trouble accessing Discord

Discord, an instant messaging and digital distribution platform, which is very popular in our country and used by millions of people, especially gamers all over the world, annoyed users in the evening today. After the collapse of the platform, which has 300 million registered and 140 million active users based on 2020, the shares made on social media became clear when Discord clarified the issue. Here are the developments on the collapsed Discord front.

In Discord, which crashed about an hour before the end of the day, users had almost deactivated the most important features of the platform, namely the ability to make calls and write messages. In addition to not being able to send messages to each other, there were also problems with calls.

Discord brings premium subscription option for servers

Discord has announced a premium membership option that will create a new income for server owners. Now the channels will be paid.

Statement from Discord

Discord, which made a statement on its official Twitter account after the crash, said that the situation can be followed on “Discord Status”. While Discord Status lists unplanned crashes and emergencies on the platform chronologically based on the current time, it also shares information about the distress with users. The crash initially came as “We are currently investigating a widespread API outage” under the “Investigation” heading.

Discord, which then intervened in the situation, tried to reduce the load on the site by restricting the login traffic several times. At the end of the events, it was noted in Discord Status that half of the users were able to access the platform, and the work was continuing so that the rest could benefit from the application.

In addition, an informative text about the problem was added to the users trying to enter the application. In this text, “We have identified the core issue with the API outage, but a secondary issue is occurring in one of our database clusters. Our entire support team is online and dealing with the issue.” phrases were included.

The platform, which can still be used by some users in our country without any problems, has not been accessible by some users since around 22:40. It is not yet known when full access to the platform will be provided. As you can follow the developments on our site, you can also follow Discord’s own service Discord Status.

So, have you noticed the downfall of Discord? Can you log into Discord now? You can share your thoughts and answers on the subject via comments and ShiftDelete.Net Forum…

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