Some Twitter News Pages Are Investigated

According to TRT’s news, an investigation was launched against accounts such as Solcu Gazete and Haber Report, on the grounds of provocation.

Presidency of Türkiye As the elections continue at full speed, developments are shared on social media. As news continues to come from different parts of the country TRT Newsannounced that an investigation has been launched into many Twitter accounts that made posts about the election.

The main element in the statement, which is said to have come from the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, is that these accounts are provocative posts are shown to do. In addition, it was stated that the studies are continuing for other people whose identity could not be determined despite sharing.

“A detention order was issued for the owners of the accounts”

The accounts in question are as follows: News Report, DarkWeb News, Military Doctrine, Informant (agency-informer) and Leftist Newspaper. Istanbul Anti-Cyber ​​Crime Branch Office continues to work on those whose identities could not be determined, except for these accounts.

According to TRT’s statement, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, “provocative and manipulative posts that openly disseminate false information to disrupt public order and public peace in a way that creates a misleading, unrealistic and false perception in the public. because of this decision.

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