Soldiers Hide With Cardboard From The US Army’s Robot

The robot developed by the US army became a fodder for the simple tactics of the soldiers. The robot, which was trained to detect humans, was defeated by tactics from the games.

Although the armament of robots continues to make a worldwide impact, this technology cannot be avoided. On the other hand, in a recent post, this ability of robots made waves.

Pentagon policy analyst and author Paul Scharre Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence An excerpt from his book pointed out that the US military managed to deceive armed robots by hiding behind cardboard.

Robot escape tactics 101: Cardboard box

  • We used to run from folks by doing this in Metal Gear Solid, it’s partially true.

The section in question from the book, which has not yet been published, was shared by The Economist writer Shashank Joshi. Cross section, made by robots for human and enemy detection. an event in education was telling.

According to the information conveyed by the author, 8 US soldiers did not use the artificial intelligence of the armed robot with such advanced, complex camouflages; from each other in creative ways deceived. There was even hiding in a cardboard box.

Some of the soldiers ran for 300 meters. doing somersaults progressed, some of them a simple behind the cardboard box hid. Another even walked by picking off a piece of fir tree. The artificial intelligence could not detect any of the soldiers.

Of course, this was because the AI ​​was trained to detect humans walking normally. The ability of artificial intelligence to be deceived by such simple methods also led to a new debate.

Moreover, the robot in question was developed and trained by DARPA, which is managed by the Pentagon.

Still, it’s worth remembering that AI is only as smart as humans feed it.


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