Solana Foundation Opposes SEC: LEFT Is Not a Securities!

The Solana Foundation, the main developer team of the Solana project, has announced that SOL is not a security contrary to what is claimed.

The Solana Foundation opposes the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) definition. not a security argued. June 8 Thursday held in New York hacker house Foundation officials, who brought this issue to the agenda at the event, also shared these statements made by regulator institutions. it was as if he was teased:

I don’t think any of the developers care. The fact that SOL is a security doesn’t really impress anyone who builds something on Solana.

On the other hand, the SEC to Binance as well as to Coinbase Solana as a security in lawsuits filed characterization had drawn attention.

In a statement given by the foundation to CoinDesk, the project open source, decentralized And community based structure is included:

The Solana Foundation strongly believes that SOL is not a security. SOL is the native token of the Solana blockchain, a robust, open-source, community-based software project that relies on decentralized user and developer participation to expand and evolve.

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