Social Media Addiction is More in Poor Youth!

A study of 179,000 participants in 40 countries showed that low-income youth are more likely to be addicted to social media. The researchers said one reason for this may be that poor youth associate photo and video sharing with status and immigration.

Social media platforms have now become a part of our lives. So much so that a significant part of the world’s population constantly uses Facebook, Instagram Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok and many other similar platforms. A recent study reveals striking information about such media.

The study, published on Information, Communication and Society, social media addiction is higher among low-income youth. revealed that. The research conducted by international scientists examined the use of social media platforms and instant messaging applications.

Low-income teens are more likely to post photos and videos for status

The findings showed a relationship between economic inequality and the use of social media. When social media is not used, researchers feeling bad, trying to quit platforms and failing to do so, using social media to avoid bad feelings detected 6 or more behaviors that indicate addiction, such as

In addition, it was emphasized that the situation is much worse in schools where the difference between the economic status of students is greater. In the study, 179 thousand children from 40 different countries These conclusions were reached with data obtained through a survey. One of the researchers talking about the reasons for this situation is that young people who can be described as ‘poor’ do not want to share photos and videos. status and power He stated that they may equate with him, so they may be more inclined to share.


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Experts called on the authorities, saying that more measures should be taken to protect young people from these harmful behaviors. The study’s lead author, Michela Lenzi, also suggested that government officials take initiatives to reduce inequalities and prevent unhealthy social media use.

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