Snapdragon is leaving! New processor description from Qualcomm

Qualcomm continues to work on its new flagship processor, which it will introduce soon. The name of the new processor, about which many claims have been made Snapdragon 8 Gen1 will be confirmed. In addition, the company announced that Snapdragon will become an independent brand.

Recently the first 4nm MediaTek, which appeared with a mobile processor, entered the flagship processor market quite assertively. After MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 move, the eyes were turned to Qualcomm.

Fast charging surprise from MediaTek Dimensity 7000

Some features of the MediaTek Dimensity 7000 processor, which has been revealed to be produced with 5nm technology in the past days, have been leaked.

Qualcomm announced: Snapdragon will be a separate company

of the Snapdragon series more than 10 years Stating that it has a history, Qualcomm announced that they will make the leading processor series in the smartphone market a company. According to the company’s statements, Snapdragon will be an independent product brand with special ties to the Qualcomm brand.

Snapdragon Gen 1 processor could be introduced soon

According to the leaked information, 1 in the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor 3.09GHz Cortex-X2, 2 pcs 2.50GHz and 4 pieces 1.79GHz kernel will be used. The processor to be produced with 4nm technology, as in the Dimensity 9000 model, Adreno 730 It will have a graphical interface.

“As we look to the future and expect continued growth across platforms, features and experiences,” the company said in a statement. It’s time to consider the bold steps taken to make Snapdragon a leading cross-category technology brand and prepare for the next step. As our audience grows and affiliation grows, Snapdragon will be at the center of more devices than ever before, inspiring new fans around the world. It will need a longer playing field, so to speak, while staying true to the core of our brand.” used the phrases.

Explaining that they will continue to be active in the automobile industry, Qualcomm touched on the naming issue. For the automobile business that will take place under the umbrella of Snapdragon, the company Snapdragon Ride Platform and Snapdragon Digital Chassis announced that they will go to the branding process.

“A new, simplified and consistent naming structure for our platforms makes it easier for our customers to discover and select devices powered by Snapdragon. Starting with our latest flagship of our mobile platforms, the Snapdragon 8-series platform, we will move to a single-digit serial and generation number in line with other product categories.” said.

The company has completed Snapdragon’s branding process. on 30 November announced that he will explain in detail at the event. It is estimated that the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor will also be introduced at this event.

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