Snapchat Introduces Paid Lenses You Can Make Money With

Snapchat announced at this year’s Lensfest that users can earn money by creating customizable lenses and effects. We will soon be able to see this system on all social media platforms.

AR and VR have rapidly become a part of everyday life, especially in the last few years. While the VR system is being used in applications, Metaverse and games, the more advanced technology AR lagged behind. small projects, games The AR system, which tries to enter our lives with applications and applications, has even entered the lives of many users at a point we never expected. Many filters on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram are based on the AR system.

Snapchat, on the other hand, enables users to create creative filters and lenses with Lensfest, which it organizes every year. sometimes he bought them. At Lensfest this year almost every user can earn money A new system has been announced.

Anyone can make money with customizable lenses

Along with the Snapchat+ subscription that Snapchat offers for use in the US and some countries Snap Token A digital currency called Thanks to these tokens, you can buy more games on Snapchat and support content producers. According to the statement made at Lensfest, lens manufacturers are now be able to produce customizable and paid lenses.

While the price of 10 to 50 tokens is considered for paid lenses, the situation is slightly different for customizable lenses. Users will be able to produce dozens of different characters with a single lens by purchasing clothes and accessories for their lenses. These accessories will be sold for 1 to 10 tokens. Of course, this feature won’t just completely change Snapchat.

We may see this feature on Instagram very soon.

Snapchat has been one of Instagram’s favorite apps for many years. Because whenever Instagram administrators want to add a new feature, they first They “borrow” features that exist on Snapchat. This is Snapchat’s biggest feature. 24-hour stories and lenses included. Of course, when this is the case, if Snapchat is successful in this “paid lens” model, it will also have this feature. can adapt it.

After Instagram got this feature, we can see paid effects and filters on many photo sharing applications and social media platforms. Social media experts also said that after Elon Musk made the blue tick on Twitter, all social media platforms are now “who pays the piper calls the tunewith the logic by offering special privileges to paid subscribers He claims they want to make money.


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What is the impact of Snapchat’s paid lens feature among other social media platforms? We will see in 2023.

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