Smartphone sales may slow due to inflation

One of Apple’s largest manufacturing partners foxconn, said that there will be a sharp decline in smartphone sales immediately after the pandemic. According to Foxconn’s statement, high inflationhas also affected the sales of technological products.

Why will smartphone sales fall?

Taiwan-based electronics manufacturer revealed that there is a contraction in demand for technological devices. Among these products smartphone, television and computer There are devices that appeal to the end consumer such as A similar situation occurs in technology companies. For example, many smartphone companies have begun to narrow their product range.

Foxconn said consumer electronics, including smartphones, saw significant growth in the second quarter of the year. In addition, these operations accounted for half of the company’s total revenue. But for the rest of the year mid to high end smartphones inflation effect.

Apple moves to USB-C step by step: Here's the first product!

Apple moves to USB-C step by step: Here’s the first product!

Apple complies with the standard USB-C port convention adopted by the European Union. The company started its preparations.

Foxconn has also long been with the semiconductor chip crisis It should not be forgotten that he struggled. The Taiwanese manufacturer, which managed to meet the demands of its supply partners, recorded a 12 percent increase in net profit and revenue in the April-June quarter.

We don’t know how Foxconn’s partners will follow the sales chart for the rest of the year. However, many investment and technology companies expect a slowdown due to inflation. Foxconn also said it will be cautious in the current quarter.

A similar crisis Lenovo’s it happened to him too. Lenovo, one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, has announced that it has seen its smallest revenue growth in nine quarters (or the end of the pandemic).

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