Smartphone effect in art! Özgür Çabuk’s Asli of the Work exhibition begins!

Smartphone cameras are getting better every day. This allows many things that were once done with large DSLR cameras to be easily done with these tools that are always with us. The last example of this is in the art world. The Asli of Work exhibition, which consists entirely of photographs taken by Özgür Çabuk with a smartphone, is starting soon.

Özgür Çabuk’s True Work exhibition will take place between 7-23 October!

The exhibition, which will take place between 7-23 October 2022, will open its doors to its visitors between 11 and 18 pm every day except Mondays. Özgür Çabuk, the owner of the exhibition, describes his latest art adventure with these words:

Özgür (abuk’s deep interest in human psychology made it important to him not what is on the surface, but what is behind the scenes and in the background in the case of life. Evliya Celebi’s language lingering in his dreams, and Özgür (abuk’s desire to be in touch with people led him on the road. He is not about geography. He embarked on an expedition to man.

He went on expedition after expedition. Every place where there were people was worth going. Özgür Cabuk uses reverse Light in many of his photographs, obscuring the identities of the people in the frame and making them anything. Thus, he reflects the effort to reach the original and universalizes the scenes that would otherwise be exclusive to him. The human feeling, the emotions that the looks and the stances infect us, the visible and the invisible, the things we avoid seeing in the mirror of ourselves, come to the fore in his photographs and lead you to your own path.

Photographers, like other connoisseurs of art, are in a way the straw of today’s society. Flowing life comes upon us in waves with billions of combinations of millions of elements that seem to be unrelated to each other. Some of us among us have the ability to sense or attribute meanings to the meanings that these combinations create. Özgür Cabuk is one of them. The meanings it derives from reality or befits it will perhaps lead to an optical calibration and enrichment in your outlook on life. The decision is yours.

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