Smart Contract Experiment with Popular Artificial Intelligence App ChatGPT from Coinbase

Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency exchange, conducted a smart contract experiment on the popular artificial intelligence (AI) application ChatGPT and shared the results.

coinbase March 20 In the article he published on his official website, ChatGPT 20 different ERC-20 smart contract level of risk to detect a used in the experiment expressed. The results of artificial intelligence manual reviews Comparing it to Coinbase, ChatGPT is promising, but the system integration enough for not stated.

According to the test results in the report, ChatGPT is one of 20 smart contracts. 12 of them risk score manual with results same while guessing 8 smart contract incorrect evaluated. Out of 8 misjudged smart contracts on the 5th artificial intelligence high risky assets low Underlining that it has identified it as risky, Coinbase says the opposite is true. low risk assets high risk because from the situation identified as much more dangerous stated that.

In addition, for risk assessment of artificial intelligence lacks sufficient context and experiment under the same conditions stable results that you didn’t give Coinbase states that from time to time artificial intelligence logic rather than results default as the results show as it seems also mentioned. In the light of the data obtained from Coinbase, ChatGPT’s quick assessments about that gives hope expressed. But still not stable due to security systems integrated standards required to be that you can’t afford was also underlined.

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