‘Slush’, one of the biggest entrepreneurship events in the world, started

Slush, which is shown as one of the biggest entrepreneurship events in the world, started in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. YTU Yıldız Technopark took part in ‘Slush’ within the scope of investor and entrepreneur meetings in the event where thousands of participants took part.

“We bring entrepreneurs together with YTU Startup House”

The Slush entrepreneurship event, organized since 2008 and attended by thousands of people from hundreds of countries, has started. Organized between 17-18 November, Slush is shown as an organization that gathers entrepreneurs, investors and researchers from different countries under one roof.

In the event, which is held with the awareness of meeting the needs of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, entrepreneurs not only find potential investors, but also have the opportunity to establish an unlimited network for themselves. YTU Startup House family also took part in the delegation from Turkey to the giant event, which also strengthened the cooperation between countries.

YTU Yıldız Technopark took its place at Gamescom

YTU Yıldız Technopark took its place at Gamescom

YTU Yıldız Teknopark Deputy General Manager İsa Turgut İnci, who had a series of meetings with entrepreneurs at Slush, said that they continued their work without slowing down and that they aimed to expand the ecosystem by creating strong brands. İnci said, “We absolutely care about taking part in such organizations because establishing strong ties and being active on a global scale is essential for nurturing our entrepreneurs.

The most important value we add to this ecosystem is our ‘YTU Startup House’ brand. With Startup House, we started to direct the change by revealing a new consciousness. Our community, which we have created with our brand, produces innovative solutions for entrepreneurs. We are working with all our strength to bring the initiatives together and bring their ideas to life and even turn them into unicorns.

In addition, we have built a space where mentors, entrepreneurs, investors and all members can constantly share their knowledge and experiences through the platforms operating under the roof of YTU Startup House. As an important institution that nurtures entrepreneurs, we know that the birth of an idea and its transformation into a product/service is a very difficult process.

We will continue to participate in such events in order to support entrepreneurs, to maintain our visionary stance, to catch their dynamic and to experience their excitement together.”

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