Simple hacks to speed up your iPhone

iPhone users can use their phones quite a lot for long periods of time. Complain about slowdown and battery is doing. In order to prevent this, many people buy new phones. There are several ways to speed up your phone before buying a new phone. At work iPhone speed up process Simple tips for:

What to do for iPhone acceleration is quite simple!

If your iPhone isn’t working as fast as before, you can speed up your iPhone by cleaning old files, installing antivirus software, and uninstalling unused apps. In addition, many of the smartphones, including the iPhone, malfunction in very cold weather. Apple was even fined £21m in 2017 for deliberately slowing down older iPhones with software.

Considering these, it becomes very important for iPhone users to speed up their phones with their own means. If you want to speed up your iPhone, your first stop should be to go to your favorite internet browser. Because too much data is stored here, it causes the phone to slow down over time. For example, if you are using Safari or Google Chrome, you can clear the cache by entering these applications.

To clear your browser data in Safari, go to Settings on your iPhone and select Safari from the list of applications there and click ‘Clear history and website data’. If your most used browser is Google Chrome, open the application and click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the screen. Click Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data. Make sure to select cookies, site data and cached files and images before tapping ‘Clear Browsing Data’. Because what causes the iPhone to swell in Chrome is the storage of data here.

In addition to these, of course, if you have open tabs, close these tabs regularly. If you still have slowness when you restart your phone, there are other things you should do. At this point, you can install licensed and reliable antivirus software on your phone. If one of the apps finds any virus, it will give you options to safely delete the infected files.

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On the other hand, knowing your iPhone’s memory, you can back up your files and delete them from your phone. Thus, we can say that your phone will speed up as the memory will be opened. In addition, some applications offered for free in the App Store also offer a very practical use to speed up your phone. For example, the application called Battery Saver is offered free of charge and proves its reliability with its high score. The app shows you how much memory you are using and how much free space you have left. Even if your phone is slow, it can be a lifesaver. The app easily optimizes iPhone and clears cached data.

As always said for all phones, close the apps you don’t use on the iPhone. You can restart your phone every day while also closing all your apps. This also clears the RAM of the iPhone. You can also turn off automatic downloads and background app refresh to speed up iPhone.

In addition to these tips, you can click on the reduce motion option from the accessibility tab on the iPhone Settings tab.

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