Significant Partnership with Giant Formula 1 Team from Popular Altcoin

Formula 1’s favorite team, Oracle Red Bull Racing, has signed a multi-year deal with the Sui Network (SUI) project developed by the Mysten Labs team.

Dominating Formula 1 tracks Red Bull Racing team, Mysten Labs signed an agreement with Sui Network, produced by Sui Network, which has made a name for itself since its launch. Blockchain partner be and fans Increasing Web3 engagement It is stated that this agreement will cover the next few years.

Announcement this weekend SpainIt arrived before the Formula 1 race to be held in . Under the agreement, SUI logo both Red Bull Racing in race cars as well as of drivers And in the jackets of the pit crew it will include.

On the other hand, the Sui Network team will have a series of series for Red Bull Racing fans in the coming months. digital experience by presenting The popularity and excitement of Formula 1 Will port it to web3.

CEO of Mysten Evan Cheng This step, taken in his statement on the subject, is for the interaction of the community with the Web. serious potential He stated that he carried:

The potential of Web3 to fundamentally change the way people transact, interact and communicate goes far beyond the basic cryptocurrency trading apps or NFT games we’ve seen so far.

Oracle Red Bull Racing Team Manager and CEO Christian HorneThis partnership with Sui Network blockchain experiences emphasized that it will develop and move it to a more accessible point:

Oracle Red Bull Racing was one of the first to adopt blockchain technology in Formula 1. Partnering with Sui will enhance this experience and make it easier to access, safer and more engaging.

Oracle Red Bull Racing recently signed a three-year partnership with Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bybit, worth over $50 million annually.

On the other hand, at the end of May Leading Formula 1 ticket issuer by Platinum Group In the statement made, the tickets of the participants in NFT format it was announced that he could get it.

According to CoinGecko data, in the last 24 hours 2.2% depreciating SUI, at the time of writing from $0.935 is being traded.

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