Shocking prison decision for famous YouTuber Porçay!

The famous YouTuber Erkan Porçay, who appeals to large audiences on social media platforms such as YouTube and Reddit, has been shaken by the prison decision. on YouTube close to 1 million The parody published by Porçay, who produces content for its subscribers, caused the court to uphold the sentence of imprisonment.

The process regarding the controversial decision, which has been on the agenda since the beginning of 2021, was continuing. Today, it was learned that Porçay’s post on his Twitter account received a decision of approval by the court. In a short time, we shared the details of the decision, which was widely discussed on social media.

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The court upheld Porçay’s sentence of 4 years and 2 months.

Porçay published a parody video about Ezhel on YouTube last year. Although he stated that the content in the video was for humorous purposes, the court did not accept this defense. The video, which was seriously considered by the court, encourages substance use Porçay’s 4 years 2 months he was sentenced to prison. Sharing the situation on Twitter, the YouTuber added that he would not shy away from the decision and would surrender to the courthouse tomorrow morning.

The sharing, which received a lot of likes and comments in a short time, caused the #freeporçay hashtag to start on Twitter. With this tag more than 10 thousand has been shared. Since more than a year has passed since the video that caused the decision in question, YouTuber continued to share videos on his channel. If the court’s decision does not change, it is certain that his followers will be separated for a while.

What do you think, is the court right in this decision?

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