Shocked Words from a Member of the European Parliament: “Crypto Should Be Banned!”

Former Belgian Minister of Finance and member of the European Parliament Johan Van Overtveldthas called for a ban on cryptocurrencies amid the current banking crisis. Van Overtveldt specifically stated that the digital asset industry provides “no economic or social value”. in your opinion.

The statement came after a tweet from the former Belgian official speaking out over the current panic in the banking sector. Comment by Coindesk European ParliamentIt came as the US was preparing to “vote landmark crypto licensing rules for the EU.”

Crypto Statement from a Member of the European Parliament

The banking sector was once again in a panic after several alarming developments. In the US, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed, followed by turmoil with European Credit Suisse and a historic bailout to save First Republic Bank.

Now, former Belgian Minister of Finance and Member of the European Parliament, Johan Van Overtveldt, is in the midst of the developing banking crisis. cryptocurrency called for the industry to be banned.

Another lesson to be learned from the current banking chaos. We must enforce a strict ban on cryptocurrencies. Digital assets are pure speculation with no economic or social value. If the government bans drugs, it should ban cryptocurrencies too.

The contagion from the fall of banks Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank, which are known for their affinity with crypto assets, has also echoed in Europe.

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