Shock Claims From New FTX CEO: SBF Borrowed Personally! How Much Is the Amount Recovered in FTX?

bankrupt last week FTX new CEO of the stock market John Ray IIImade new allegations about former boss Sam Bankman-Fried and some executives.

John Ray III, in his filing with the bankruptcy court today, disclosed the debt owed to the SBF and some executives.

Former boss of FTX, according to the file SBFsubsidiary From Alamenda Research He took out a $1 billion personal loan. Nishad Singh, engineering director of the sunken stock market, and Ryan Salame, vice-CEO, took out a personal loan of $543 million and $55 million, respectively, from Alamenda.

The new CEO of the sunken stock market described FTX’s experience as an “unprecedented situation”. Ray III referred to the fact that the stock market has never undergone any corporate control in the past.

The new CEO announced that he had seen such a bankruptcy case for the first time in his 40-year career. According to Ray, faulty financial oversight and control in the hands of a small, uninformed group led to the bankruptcy of the stock market.

$740 Million Recovered

John Ray III, in line with their research, announced that they have reached $ 740 million worth of crypto money in the cold wallets of the stock market. However, this amount is insufficient to save the stock market. According to the current balance sheet, the FTX exchange has liabilities of $9 billion.

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