Shift Work Affects Heart Health Negatively

According to new research by biologists from Cambridge University, shift work can negatively affect people’s heart health. So much so that death is among the risks that come with the negative impact of heart health.

It can be seen frequently that sleep problems are experienced by those who work in shifts and work at night. These people fall asleep late and wake up late in the daytime and cannot get the day’s efficiency. However, sleeping late all the time, It can also cause adverse effects on the person’s body..

Night shifts, according to a new study by biologists from the University of Cambridge, disrupts the harmony of the body clocks of the brain and heart and cause heart disease. In their research, experts examined the internal clocks of heart cells, which change the chemical balance of people.

The harmony between the brain and the heart is lost:

The research is important for people who regularly switch between day and night shifts, rather than constantly working night shifts. Accordingly, when the shift is changed, although the brain manages to adapt to this change, the cells in the body keep their biological clocks. they may be late in adjusting these hours. This shows that the signals coming from the brain are inconsistent with the expectations of the heart for several days.

While the risk of heart disease depends on many factors such as age, gender and diet, the transitions between day and night shifts can also cause the risk of developing different heart problems. If this is the most frightening of the risks ‘sudden cardiac death‘. The head of the research, Dr. O’Neill stated that in this situation, the heart became confused and stopped for a while. If there is no emergency intervention, the patient can die.


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However, O’Neill also offered an interesting comparison made by epidemiologists. Accordingly, the body clock is disturbed by situations such as going back and forth between the day and night shifts throughout life, equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day gets it. It is stated that in order for the day and night shifts not to put their health at risk, employees should start with the day shift and switch to the ‘late shift’ first and then the night shift. It is stated that a balanced diet with sports can also reduce the negative effects of night shifts.

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