Shazam will now listen to music for longer

Music identification application Shazam can find the song you hear in an environment in seconds. With the acquisition of the platform by Apple in 2018, it began to be integrated into products such as iPhone and iPad. In September, it released copyrighted tracks in DJ mixes using Apple Music’s Shazam algorithms. can specifically distinguish had been announced.

Continuing to develop the application, Apple has resolved an important problem that users complained about. Shazam normally identifies a piece of music quickly. However, especially in noisy environments, since it becomes difficult to distinguish sounds from each other, the user cannot detect the music they want or can only detect it after listening to it a few times.

How many songs were found in Shazam with iOS’ Control Center?

The Shazam application, which Apple offered to users with iOS 14.2, became very popular and defined a total of 1 billion songs.

Shazam will now run longer

With the 15.0 version released on the App Store, Shazam’s music recognition technology has been strengthened. The application will now listen to a music for a longer period of time, so it will be easier to find. Apple in the release notes “Shazam now works harder and longer to find more songs. Tap Shazam to try it!” shared information with users.

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