Sharing “I’m in Erşan Kuneri” by Johnny Sins and Reactions

Johnny Sins managed to confuse users in Turkey with a Turkish tweet he threw in the evening today.

Users who heard that Johnny Sins will be in the new season of Erşan Kuneri flocked under the sharing. Tweet within hours It got thousands of likes.

Although Sins did not say that his post was an April 1 joke, he shared some photos. your face was added later it was obvious.

Johnny Sins’ incidental post:

If you look a little more carefully, you can see that these images are actually scenes from the series and Johnny Sins’s face was added to these scenes later. For this reason, this tweet is most likely the same thing Sins did to its users in Turkey. It could be an April Fool’s joke.

For those who want to take a closer look at the photos:

johnny sins ersan kuneri

ersan kuneri johnny sins

ersan kuneri johnny sins

The reactions under the tweet were as follows:

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