Share From Famous Bitcoin Supporter That Angered Ripple (XRP) Investors: Calls SEC To Duty

Bitcoin (BTC) supporter Max Keizer has called the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to task, citing Ripple’s (XRP) illegal sale of securities and illegal buying incentives.

Max Keizer via social media on Oct. in his post, a social media user “Why should you invest in XRP long-term?” citing his video, he claimed that Ripple is a centralized security and that they encourage illegal purchases, and Summons the SEC.

Keiser has previously voiced his criticisms of Ripple and other altcoins. However, Keiser’s sharing this time closing the comments and referring to a post from an unofficial account This caused the reaction of social media users.

Social media users accused Keiser of encouraging people to buy Bitcoin, citing times when he was promoting Bitcoin.

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