Sexual Harassment Case Filed Against Tesla

Another lawsuit was filed against Tesla, which was decided to pay millions of compensation for the racist attitude in the working environment last month. A woman sued the company for years of sexual harassment she had been subjected to and could not find a solution to.

Sexual harassment is one of the biggest problems encountered in business environments, just like ‘mobbing’ and other kinds of bullying. While many big companies such as Apple are the target of lawsuits and criticism for not being strict enough in this regard, companies such as Activision Blizzard have officially become the home of these cases. The company we will talk about now and accused of similar reasons is Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla.

A woman who works at a Tesla factory sued the company last Thursday for sexual harassment. Woman, verbal and physical harassment from other employees and supervisors expressed. There has been no official statement from Tesla yet.

The company has been ignoring for years

A woman named Jessica Barraza, who works at Tesla’s Fremont factory, stated that the factory had a nightmarish working environment. During the night shift in the lawsuit he filed unauthorized physical contact and offensive comments The experiences of Barraza, who stated that he was exposed, were included in the case files as follows:

“Tesla’s factory site looks more like a rough and outdated construction site or men’s dorm than a state-of-the-art company in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. The pervasive culture of sexual harassment in the factory is known and often practiced by supervisors and managers.”

Stating that other women in the factory were also exposed to this, Barraza said that she filed the lawsuit to claim their rights along with her. for 3 years is exposed. However, as he stated in the case, the human resources of the factory repeatedly ignores this issue despite being reportedis not looking for those responsible.


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It looks like Tesla needs to review the work environment in all of its factories and offices. The company has received similar accusations before, and just last month it accused an employee of racial discrimination and harassment. 137 million dollars compensation payment It was decided.

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