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Stresa – What else does this child have to go through?

Little Eitan (6) was the only one who survived the cable car disaster from Lake Maggiore (Italy, 14 dead). He lost parents, brother and great-grandparents. Since then, his grandfather and aunt have had a bizarre argument about the boy, which has now reached a sad climax.


Since the accident on May 23, Eitan has lived with his late father’s sister in Italy. Since then, aunt and Israeli family on the mother’s side have been arguing about custody in court (BILD reported).

The gondola is completely destroyed after the crash. 14 of the 15 passengers died – Eitan miraculously survivedPhoto: Getty Images

On Saturday, grandfather from Israel picked up Eitan for a court-approved trip – and did not bring him back!

According to Italian and Israeli media, the boy was brought on board a private plane by relatives and flown to Israel. The grandfather secretly kept one of the child’s passports and was able to take him out of the country.

Lawyer confirms arrival in Israel

The aunt’s lawyer said the Israeli embassy had confirmed the boy’s arrival in the Holy Land. “We are shocked and incredulous,” said lawyer Armando Simbari. “We couldn’t imagine that it would go that far.”

Actually, from today Eitan was supposed to be attending the 1st grade of a Christian school near Pavia. His aunt filed a complaint with the police.

The Pavia public prosecutor is now investigating the kidnapping.

Infographic: Cable car accident on Lake Maggiore