Seven-day incidence in Saxony over 1000 for the first time – Stiko recommendation for child vaccination probably this year

For the first time is in one State the incidence value has risen over 1000. For Saxony, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported a value of 1074.6 on Thursday, on Wednesday the number of reported new corona infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week in the state was still 935.8.

Within one day, the health authorities in Saxony counted 11,581 new corona infections, plus 42 deaths. Nationwide, the seven-day incidence was 419.7 (previous day: 404.5).

Nationwide, nine of the ten administrative districts in Saxony were above the incidence value of 1000. Only the major cities of Dresden (630.3), Leipzig (869.1) and Chemnitz (972.2) as well as the district of Görlitz (735.6) are below this value. The district of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains remains the nationwide hotspot with 1688.0.

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