Service fees of the iPhone 13 family in Turkey became clear

Apple announced a new event at its September event. iPhone 13 series, Watch Series 7, exhibited many products such as the new iPad. Coming with a more powerful processor, advanced camera features and revised design iPhone 13 serieswere the most striking products of the event.

While the repair prices in the USA were announced at the launch time, the prices in Turkey were just announced.

The big increase in iPhone prices has been calculated!

Researchers conducted a study on iPhone prices. In 14 years, there has been an 80 percent increase in the price of iPhones.

iPhone 13 series repair fees in Turkey became clear

A few days before the sales of the devices, Apple announced the screen replacement and battery replacement fees. Accordingly, out of warranty iPhone 13 The exchange fee for the series will be as follows:

The fees set by Apple for the replacement of iPhone 13s are as above. Well, the screen replacement fee of the iPhone 13 family is as follows. Accordingly, the cheapest iPhone 13 mini 2,349 TL came up with a screen replacement fee.

On the other hand, the battery replacement fee has also been announced. Accordingly, the battery replacement cost of the iPhone 13s 649 TL declared as.

These are the replacement fees that Apple has set for the screen and battery for now. It is not yet known whether prices will change with an increase in the dollar or a decrease in production.

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