Self Music, Banned from Twitch

One of Twitch Turkey’s most popular publishers, Kendi Musician, was banned for a short time on the platform. The ban, which was due to an image seen during the broadcast, was removed shortly after.

One of Turkey’s largest Twitch publishers. A Musician for Himself (Kemal Can Parlak)had an unfortunate incident on Twitch last night. Due to the live broadcast that the broadcaster opened on the night of June 19, midnight on June 20. Banned from Twitch.

A young boy was the reason why “The Self Musician” was banned during the midnight live broadcast. was the image of garfish stuck in his neck. Self-Musician shared a statement on his social media accounts after his channel was banned.

Explanations of KendiMusiciyen:


The Self Musician’s ban was removed in a short time:

The ban on Kendi Musician was lifted in a short time after the publisher’s objection. publisher’s Twitch channel with 1.3 million followers reopened. The total number of bans Kemal Can Parlak received from Twitch reached three with this ban. Self-Musician shared another statement after the opening of his channel:



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