Search and rescue work in Şanlıurfa has been completed!

Turkey was shaken by two earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6, the epicenters of which were in Kahramanmaraş. This earthquake, which affected many provinces, also caused destruction in Şanlıurfa. According to the latest statement of AFAD, in Sanliurfa Search and rescue operations have been completed. Here are the details!

Search and rescue operations completed in Şanlıurfa

On February 6, two earthquakes, the first with a magnitude of 7.7 and the second with a magnitude of 7.6, occurred in Kahramanmaraş. Earthquakes with Pazarcık and Elbistan as epicenters Hatay, Malatya, Adıyaman, Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, Malatya, Osmaniye, Gaziantep And Kilis also affected.

A great mobilization started after the earthquake that took place in the Pazarcık district of Kahramanmaraş, which stifled Turkey. After the earthquake AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) Many teams were dispatched to the region by

Aksungur UAV solves the communication problem in the earthquake area!

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry İsmail Demir Aksungur announced that the UAV offers mobile phone communication service for citizens.

of your destruction on the fourth day Search and rescue efforts continue for those trapped under the rubble. AFAD, which has a very important place in these studies, made a statement about the search and rescue situation. in the description Search and rescue in Şanlıurfa stated that the work was completed. In addition, search and rescue teams to other earthquake zones. Said it was shipped.

AFAD, in its statement, “Our teams have completed search and rescue efforts in Şanlıurfa. Our search and rescue teams in Şanlıurfa were immediately dispatched to other provinces where work continues.” he stated.

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